Know Your Money !

Money Strategies for Students

Why Should My Student Learn to Budget?

How Poor Money Decisions…Starbucks everyday!

impact student’s financial future?

Does your Student Understand their FICO Score

why is it important to protect?

Our interactive seminar is designed to teach money strategies to “soon to be heading off to college” students. Concepts include the following:

• Understanding Meal Plans
• How to Spend Wisely: Income, Expenses, Assets and Debt
• Budgeting
• Compound Interest
• Concerns about ALL the Credit Card Offers They will be Sent in College
• Gain Knowledge to Make Smart Money Choices…and more!

Now is a perfect time to start!

High School Students who are not heading off to college are also welcome!
Any age can learn about money strategies!

Don’t miss our next seminar:
Sat., Aug. 11, 2018
11 p.m. – 1 p.m.

Chapel Hill location given at time of registration.

This seminar costs $125 per student.

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This seminar costs $100 per student of current clients of College Funding & Planning Consultants.

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