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Proper planning starts much earlier than parents think!

Understanding Your Expected Family Contribution (EFC)

Learn what colleges use to determine your EFC. Understand what choices your family
has to minimize your EFC.

Integrating College and Retirement Goals

Every financial decision that a parent makes regarding college can impact their own retirement. Families must learn how to integrate college and retirement goals.

Transition Into High School

Transition to High School is all about balance. It’s the first time students have to think about graduation requirements, select appropriate courses, build a transcript, and perform well. Balancing the various aspects of life is part of being successful high school student.

We work closely with you and your child to map-out a plan that works. This “road map” can help your child be realistic about plans, and can also serve to motivate them to do well. It’s not set in stone; adjustments are expected every year as course offerings or goals change. But having that map ensures that requirements will be met, and that balance is maintained.

Academic Tutoring
Test Prep

Our tutoring approach moves beyond mere test-taking tricks to core academic reasoning skills that produce self-assured students and higher test scores. No two test prep plans are alike because no two test takers are alike. We offer tailored tutoring for the SAT/ACT, SAT Subject Tests, AP Exams, and academic writing .

College Application Process

Determining which college will best meet your child’s needs and abilities is a complex and stressful process for many families.
Each student has different needs,
interests, and aspirations.

That’s why we take seriously evaluating
a student’s background in academic,
personal and extracurricular areas when
creating an in-depth plan. This includes:
Selecting the right academic courses,
taking the appropriate entrance exams,
developing meaningful activities, selecting the right colleges, composing outstanding essays and crafting winning applications.

Specialties –
Ivy League, IB Curriculum and Athletic Recruiting

These are highly specialized areas of college admission expertise and require additional time to meet the needs and goals of the applicant.

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