Learn How to Avoid Parents’ #1 Mistake When It Comes to Paying for College!

February 2017 / Amy Brown Waheed / Latest Blog

We work with parents to create great award packages and avoid some of the biggest mistakes. When our clients receive the wonderful award letters we share in their joy!

A Chapel Hill family recently shared that when they received their initial financial aid package, they were only awarded loans. We worked with them to create an appeal that resulted in over $70,000 in gift aid for their two children. Congratulations! Think of how much money these parents can now direct towards their own retirement!

This is why we love coming to work each day. We are also passionate about teaching families how to create the best plan to pay for college and save for retirement. Parents’ #1 Mistake – They Don’t Know What They Don’t Know! Read More

Deciphering your Financial Aid Package

February 2017 / Riley Billman / Student Blogger

So today, I wanted to share with you how to understand your financial aid package, so you can understand it, negotiate and end up with fewer loans, too!

Let’s start with some financial aid vocabulary….Read More