What Are the
Top Ten Tips for Visiting Colleges?

May 2017 / Cynthia S. West M.A., Ed.M. / Latest Blog

1) Plan ahead. Make a list of all the colleges you want to visit. Try to visit colleges near each other in the same day or weekend to minimize the amount of time you’re stuck travelling. Always check when and where tours and information sessions are.

2) Take the campus tour. While it may be the obvious thing to do, the official campus tour is really worth your while. (Find out if you need to register to get a spot.) Also, check out the flyers and bulletin boards and pick up a school newspaper to get a sense of what’s going on. Be sure to take your own un-official tour by wandering around campus. If there are any facilities that are important to you, find them and have a look for yourself. Read More

My Top Ten Tips for Visiting Colleges

May 2017 / Riley Billman / Student Blogger

1) Look for places you could see yourself. Is there an on-campus coffee shop where you could spend hours studying? Is there a tree on the quad where you could see yourself relaxing after mid-terms?

2) See as much of the campus as you can. Yes, you may get a tour of one residence hall and one dining hall.  But take your time exploring, since they may just show you the newest residence hall, or the most popular areas of campus. It’s important for you to see as much as you can to get a full picture of this potential college experience. Read More