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College Funding

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    What is our E.F.C.?

    Your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is the minimum a college will expect your family to pay for the college expenses. Plan early so that you can minimize your EFC. Colleges can look back to the 9th grade tax return!

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    How do the colleges calculate our E.F.C.?

    Income and Asset components (puzzle pieces) are weighted differently in the EFC calculation. Different colleges also use different formulas. Do you know which formula benefits your family? Do you know what options your family has to reduce what the colleges expect you to pay?

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    What is merit aid and need based aid?

    Merit aid is dependent upon grades, test scores and talents. Some schools offer merit aid and some do not. Need based aid is determined from the EFC calculation. Just because a family does not qualify for need based aid their first year with the first child does not mean they will not qualify in future years. Parents must understand the formula. Planning for both starts in middle school!

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    How does a family best save & pay for college?

    There are many options on how to save & pay for college. Each family’s needs and goals are unique. A comprehensive, tax efficient approach is desirable.

College Planning

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    Four-Year Plan

    Ideally, beginning in 8th grade families need to know the strategies and resources to make the most of their child’s High School years. This means the right coursework, good grades, and activities that have a positive impact on one’s community.

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    Academic Tutoring and Standardized Test Prep

    Will my child need test prep and tutoring? Determining whether the SAT or ACT is a better test for your child is important. We can guide your child in making that decision. Test preparation and academic tutoring can help all students achieve their full potential.

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    College Application Process

    Do you know the best-kept secrets in college admissions? We do. Selecting the right academic courses, taking the appropriate entrance exams, developing meaningful activities, choosing the right colleges, crafting powerful college applications and college essays do make a critical difference in gaining admission to the college of your dreams. There is more you need to know, though.

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    Ivy League, IB Curriculum and Athletic Recruitment. Our experts have direct experience in these three important segments of college admissions.

Get expert advice.

Our team at College Funding and Planning Consultants has extensive knowledge in all aspects of the college financing and admission process. For over 20 years we have advised students and families on making college more affordable and guiding them through each stage of the college application process.
We believe in developing close relationships with our clients with the goal of maximizing the financial package and gaining admission to those institutions that will provide an environment in which students will thrive and succeed. Our approach is both comprehensive and holistic. Missing: Options that help you pay for college on a tax efficient basis, maximizing merit aid and/or need based aid, all with the vision of protecting your retirement.

Meet The Team

Recognized expertise.

A number of institutions have invited us to speak at their campus due to our unparalleled experience and services, including:

Chapel Hill High School

Cedar Ridge High School

Charles E. Jordan High School

Chapel Hill Public Library

Durham Orange Estate Planning Council


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My family earmarked $5,000 per year for my college education. My dream college cost over $40,000 per year! College Funding Consultants helped me realize my dream and started me on the path that ultimately led to over $100,000 in scholarships and grants. Plus, I will graduate early – debt free!Riley Billman
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Family Spotlight.

Read about families we have helped over the years and how our expertise has helped them manage their future.

Student Spotlight

Wendy R. Vavrousek, M.S.

I didn’t know what I needed to know before my first child was preparing for college. I can attest to the fact, that had I known College Funding Consultants (CFC) when my children completed preschool, we might have been better prepared for the college years. CFC can give you a more global perspective about how to best invest your savings for your child’s college education. If you forge a relationship with CFC, they are invaluable. I am still consulting with them, and my child has just completed her second year of college.

Before I met CFC the known course of college investing was a 529 account or a UTMA/UGMA (uniform gift to minor) account. Little did I know that whatever money I put into those accounts would count against my child’s financial aid application! The workshop was definitely an eye opener for our family. I encourage you to consider attending a workshop as soon as possible, even if you think it is “way too early” as it is never too early if you have a child. If you can’t attend their next one, having their contact for the future is priceless!

I have brought CFC workshops to our preschool families for the last few years so that parents can have the benefit years ahead of when they think they need the information. It is about much more than having a 529 plan!

Wendy R. Vavrousek
Head of School
The Little School at Duke

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